Rabbit Vaccination

Rabbits should be vaccinated against 3 diseases: Myxomatosis, Viral Haemorrhagic Disease 1 and it’s variant Viral haemorrhagic Disease 2. Currently we do 2 injections. Myxo plus VHD1 in one injection and VHD2 in a second injection two weeks apart. These should be boosted yearly.

Remember that even in a very built up area the presence of railway tracks, parks and allotments can bring wild rabbits (the reservoir of infection) into close proximity to our pet rabbits.

Regular vaccination also gets your pet a regular health check at which time you can bring up any worries or concerns you have, early diagnosis of trouble can be made and treatment initiated before things go too far.

Our veterinarians are all experienced general practitioners with a broad knowledge and
understanding of animal health, illness and injury.

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