Emergencies and First Aid

We class all of the following list as emergencies;

Excessive bleeding from wounds or any body opening
Difficulty breathing
Inability to pass urine
Constant retching
Sudden bloating of the abdomen
Suspected poisoning
Fits lasting any longer than a few minutes
Broken limbs
Heat stroke
Electric shock
Inability to pass a foetus after a reasonable time straining

If the breathing is impaired try to get the airway free, extend the neck. If there is haemorrhage apply pressure to any bleeding point. In all cases get to the surgery as soon as possible.

If possible phone us first so that we are expecting you but do not waste valuable time trying to pre-warn us.

We will treat as urgent;

Any fresh wounding especially if bleeding
Severe nose bleeds
Any sudden ear trouble
Persistent vomiting
Any road accident
Any recent dog fight or dog attack of small dog, cat or rabbit
Injuries caused by running onto sticks thrown during play

Our telephone number at all times is 01233 661099. If we are closed a recorded message will give you number for Vets Now, Kingsnorth Ashford Kent, which is 01233 879913.

If your pet gets lost log on to our article on Microchipping where you will find relevant links.

Our veterinarians are all experienced general practitioners with a broad knowledge and
understanding of animal health, illness and injury.

Becci and Harley Evans

To Alan, Fraser and Staff

Big thanks for all your help with making Harley Better. It has been a long road but I think were finally there.

Take Care

Charlie Beadle

Dear Julia

I came to you big and fat

Yes I was rather chunky

After 20 weeks of diet and chat

I leave here fit and hunky!!

The Knight family

Thank you all so much for the care and compassion shown during poor George’s illness. We think you are all lovely caring people who work very well as a team.