Dog Vaccination


Dogs should be vaccinated against kennel cough using Nobivac kennel cough intra nasal or Versican Plus which goes into the mouth.

We believe vaccination is amongst the most important things we do. Many younger veterinarians have never seen a case of canine distemper. What was once a very common scourge of dogs is virtually a thing of the past because of vaccination. A high percentage of a population has to be immune to a disease before that disease dies out. It is for this reason we are so keen on vaccination and keeping boosters up-to-date.

Another good reason for booster vaccination is that every year your pet gets a health check at which time you can bring up any worries or concerns you have, early diagnosis of trouble can be made and treatment initiated before things go too far.


Our routine puppy vaccine has two of the causes of the kennel cough included but the main cause of kennel cough (Bordetela Bronchiseptica) needs separate vaccination. We can start vaccinations as early as 7 weeks of age. The second injection has to be done when the puppy is at least 10 weeks. There has to be a minimum of 2 weeks between the two injections.

Some examples:

1st injection @ 7 weeks     2nd injection @ 10 weeks
1st injection @ 8 weeks     2nd injection @ 10 weeks
1st injection @ 9 weeks     2nd injection @ 11 weeks
1st injection @ 10 weeks     2nd injection @ 12 weeks
1st injection @ 11 weeks     2nd injection @ 13 weeks


  • Adult dogs if not previously vaccinated should receive the 2 shots at least 2 weeks apart.
  • Boosters should be given every year.
  • The vaccine we use covers Canine Distemper / Hardpad, Viral Hepatitis, Canine Adenovirus, Canine Parainfluenza virus, Canine Parvovirus, Leptospira Canicola and Leptospira Icterohaemorrhagiae.


  • Dogs should be vaccinated for kennel cough with Nobi-Vac KC every 12 months.
  • The vaccination should ideally be given at least 2 weeks before the dog goes into kennels. (Dogs will sometimes develop a cough after vaccination but this should disappear within this two week period)

Kennel cough is a complex disease with at least 4 known causes. By having the routine vaccines and the kennel cough vaccine done you cover your dog against the 3 major causes. It could unfortunately still get a type of kennel cough. This would be unusual but not impossible.


Please see our article on Pet Passports

Our veterinarians are all experienced general practitioners with a broad knowledge and
understanding of animal health, illness and injury.

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