Bitch Spay

This is the surgical removal of the female genital organs – the ovaries and uterus.

Following the bitch spay please read these notes- they may answer some of your questions.

  • There is likely to be a shaved area on one of your bitchʼs forelegs – this is where anaesthetic was injected. There may be slight bruising in the area but this will soon fade. The hair should grow back after a few weeks. There will often be swelling – this all disappears given time.
  • Your bitch may appear drowsy straight after the operation – this will likely be due to the anaesthetic and will soon wear off. Also your bitch will have been given painkillers to help with the pain post-op and this too may contribute to the drowsiness.
  • Your bitch may cough occasionally after the operation – this is most likely due to the tube that was placed in your bitchʼs windpipe to facilitate breathing while under the anaesthetic. If there is a cough then it should clear up within a few days.
  • Your bitch may not feel like eating straight after the operation – this is ok, but please make sure that she eats the following day.
  • We recommend very light, lead only, exercise for your bitch until the stitches have been taken out (see below). Excessive exercise is likely to increase swelling and perhaps bleeding from the wound.


  • If your bitch is repeatedly sick or excessively tired or lethargic after the operation – please contact us asap.
  • DO NOT allow your bitch to lick the stitched area. If you are unable to stop this from happening please contact us.
  • There may be some swelling after the operation – this is normal. However, if there is excessive swelling or bleeding that is causing you concern please contact us.

Spaying early in life is not associated with an increase in ill effects except there is some evidence that large breed, late maturing bitches may suffer a greater amount of joint trouble later in life if spayed early.  With a large breed spay it is probably best to allow them to grow to full size before neutering.

Our veterinarians are all experienced general practitioners with a broad knowledge and
understanding of animal health, illness and injury.

Kelly and Family

To everyone who helped and gave me all the support I needed at the time of my lovely cat Tigers death.

Thank you, Tiger will always be in my heart

Anne Sutton

A Note to thank you for all your efforts in trying to save my little cat, and the staff for there kindness when she was put to sleep

With gratitude, God bless

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Thank you to you and your colleagues for saving Kalli following her anaphylactic reaction, we love her so much and are so grateful to still have her with us.