Previcox is a palatable tablet in two sizes. The active ingredient is Firocoxib. This is a NSAID (Non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.) It is amongst the most modern of the NSAID’s. It is only used in dogs for the relief of pain and inflammation especially in musculo-skeletal cases (arthritis, myositis, sprains and strains etc) and is it a very useful drug. Like all NSAID’s it can rarely irritate the stomach and or intestines even to the extent of causing bleeding. Any vomiting or passing of blood should cause you to stop administering Previcox and let us know urgently.

Our veterinarians are all experienced general practitioners with a broad knowledge and
understanding of animal health, illness and injury.

Debbie Nuttall

Just a little thank you for trying so hard for Big Tom.

He had a good life with me, extra time if I hadn’t taken him in.

Such a lovely kindly cat

Thank you again

Brenda and Steve

To Alan and all the staff

Thank you so much for looking after our dear Bron over the last 19 years. Special thanks to Colin and his nurse who were so gentle with Bron and kind to us.

Mr & Mrs Rogers

To Alan and all the staff at Margetts Surgery

Thank you so much for all the care and compassion to us on a dearly loved and missed Charlie.