This is a huge subject because diarrhoea can be caused by many different things. Simple tummy upsets may be triggered by small things such dietary indiscretion. Food intolerance may be implicated. Digestive gland deficiencies, inflammatory disease and even cancer can cause it. So if it doesnʼt respond to a small amount of gut rest bring your pet in for us to sort.

Our veterinarians are all experienced general practitioners with a broad knowledge and
understanding of animal health, illness and injury.

Charlie Beadle

Dear Julia

I came to you big and fat

Yes I was rather chunky

After 20 weeks of diet and chat

I leave here fit and hunky!!

Bennet Zoo

Dear Alan

Just a note to say a huge thank you for taking care of Olli and for sparing me a long and agonising wait, it was very much appreciated.

Becci and Harley Evans

To Alan, Fraser and Staff

Big thanks for all your help with making Harley Better. It has been a long road but I think were finally there.

Take Care