Cushing's Disease

This disease seems to be on the increase. Certainly we are diagnosing it a lot more often than we used to.

It is one of those polydipsic (excessive drinking) diseases. There are a number of drink-a-lot diseases and the moral of the story is if your dog drinks a lot go to the veterinarian.

Cushingʼs involves the body producing too much corticosteroid which in turn leads classically to excessive urination, excessive drinking, often excessive eating, thinning of the coat in a bilateral symmetrical pattern and often the development of a pot-bellied appearance. Diagnosis is by blood test and treatment is readily available.

Our veterinarians are all experienced general practitioners with a broad knowledge and
understanding of animal health, illness and injury.

Brenda and Steve

To Alan and all the staff

Thank you so much for looking after our dear Bron over the last 19 years. Special thanks to Colin and his nurse who were so gentle with Bron and kind to us.

Charlie Beadle

Dear Julia

I came to you big and fat

Yes I was rather chunky

After 20 weeks of diet and chat

I leave here fit and hunky!!

Paul and Tracy

To Alan

Thank you to you and your colleagues for saving Kalli following her anaphylactic reaction, we love her so much and are so grateful to still have her with us.